The Engel & Völkers Buying Experience

From starter homes to dream homes, as Engel & Völkers we provide unparalleled and personalized buying experiences for every client. We believe that buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will make, and it?s an honor and our passion to be part of this journey with you. As trusted advisors, we make it our responsibility to understand your home buying goals ? from your overall vision and budget, to neighborhood amenities and architectural details ? and help you discover the right space to call your own. To us, luxury is about the richness of life that beginsand ends in the most important space we know ? home.

The Power of Investing in Ownership

There are both financial and emotional benefits to owning ahome.After all, ahome is the center of y our world.


When you own a home, you are investing your money into your future. Home equity has the ability to increase each timeyou make your monthly mortgage payments, as well as when you make smart home improvements. In a strong economy, home values can increase each year. The greater your equity, the more you can capitalize on your homes value over time.






Seek professional advise from your tax consultants about your financing options (if you are financing) to tailor your investment commitment to your specific needs.


Owning a property allows you to surround yourself with an aesthetic that reflects your personality and brings you joy. The possibilities can be endless when it comes to turning your home into your dream space.


A home should be a place of comfort and happiness. With homeownership comes a sense of security in an investment and aspace where memoriesare made.









Partner with an Engel & Völkers advisor

Engel & Völkers is known throughout the world for the unmistakable service experience our advisors provide their
clients. Our advisors offer more than a typical real estate agent, representing an elevated level or service, expertise, and performance.

Engel & Völkers attracts real estate professionals who are well respected within their communities, as well as those who have a deep understanding of client service. We know the people, the places and the nuances of each cul-de- sac, community and country we represent. As trusted advisors, we guide you through your home journey with in depth neighborhood expertise, distinguished care and a bit of fun.








The Value of the Buyer's Agent

Hiring a buyer's agent can offer several advantages to individuals looking to purchase a property. Here is a list of reasons why hiring a buyers agent can be beneficial to you.

Market Knowledge

Buyer's agents are familiar with local real estate markets and can provide valuable insights into current trends, property values, and neighborhood dynamics.

Negotiation Skills

Experienced buyer's agents are skilled negotiators who can help you secure the best possible deal. They can negotiate on your behalf to get a fair price and favorable terms.

Access to Listings

Buyer's agents have access to multiple listing services (MLS) and can help you find properties that match your criteria more efficiently than if you were searching on your own.

Save Time and Effort

By outsourcing the property search to a buyer's agent, you can save significant time and effort. They can narrow down options based on your preferences, schedule showings, and handle paperwork.

Objective Advice

Buyer's agents work for you and have your best interests in mind. They can provide objective advice, helping you make informed decisions without being influenced by the seller or their agent.





Legal and Contractual Expertise

Real estate transactions involve complex legal documents. A buyer's agent can guide you through the paperwork, ensuring that all the necessary documents are properly completed and submitted.

Professional Network

Buyer's agents often have a network of professionals, including inspectors, mortgage brokers, and real estate attorneys. This can be valuable in streamlining the buying process and connecting you with trusted service providers.

Understanding of the Buying Process

If you're a first-time homebuyer or unfamiliar with the buying process, a buyer's agent can educate you on the steps involved and provide guidance at every stage.

Property Evaluation

Buyer's agents can assess properties based on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. They can point out potential issues and help you make an informed decision about the property's value.

Streamlined Communication

Acting as a buffer between you and the seller's agent, a buyer's agent can facilitate communication, ensuring that
your interests are protected and that negotiations remain professional.

Risk Management

A buyer's agent can help you identify potential risks associated with a property and advise you on how to mitigate
them. This includes issues related to the property condition, legal aspects, and potential resale challenges.

Breaking it Down: The Buying Process


The Buying Process

Whether you are looking to purchase your first home, a vacation home, or an investment property, our advisors maintain an active list of available local homes, and also have access to listings worldwide through the the Engel & Völkers' Global network.

We take pleasure in working with you, and preparing you, for the home-buying process through the following steps: 

  • Select an advisor
  • Gain mortgage pre-approval (if financing)
  • Have an initial consultation with your advisor with your
  • pre-approval in-hand to set up your strategy together
  • Shop for your new home
  • Work with your advisor to present a well-crafted offer
  • and allow them to negotiate on your behalf
  • Inspections (if not provided)
  • Appraisal
  • Negotiation request for repair or credit
  • Finalize Documents
  • Final Walk Through
  • Closing & MoveIn

Moving Checklist

Packing Tips

  1. Separate your valuables and important documents, and keep them with you during the move.
  2. Prepare a Start-up Kit of items and box those up to take with you as well. This way if your belongings arrive late, or you are delayed in unpacking, you will have what you need immediately on hand.
  3. Label boxes by items and room to make unpacking an easier process.




Live Your Luxury

At Engel & Völkers, we believe in clients for life. Not only during, but well after the purchase of a home, our advisors connect you with experts to help you continue making the most of the walls and community that surround you. Luxury found in the little moments that when combined create the essence and the intangible qualities that make a house, home




Work With Taso

His years of experience in residential real estate and development puts Taso in a unique position to help sellers maximize the value of their home, with help from his professional network of top-tier stagers, contractors and architects.